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Winter march 2023

On February 25, the public health office of Elektrėnai Municipality invites you to the Neries Regional Park, where the "Winter Walk 2023" will take place on the tourist route of the ancient Neries coast.

This trail is a fun hiking adventure. You will test the interesting, uneven and hilly terrain of the track with your feet.
The circular tourist route of the left bank of the Neris winds along both forest paths, a gravel road, and (a short 600 m section) paved road no. 108. Be very careful here - there is heavy traffic. And when you come to the metal gate in the village of Karageliškii, don't be afraid: open it boldly, and close it after passing. The gates are designed to stop wild boars visiting the country gardens, not park visitors. The entire 25 km long route has wooden direction signs, so don't worry - you will find the right way. You will see information boards near the attractions. They will be excellent travel guides, after reading which you will learn a lot of new and interesting things about this area. There are many natural and cultural heritage sites here: the stones of the "Enchanted Wedding" are located in Neri, and there is a mysterious conglomerate rock on its coast. A pine tree - "Witch's broom" - grows near the Kragžliai burial mound, and a few km away. Near Ausiutiškii or Paneri, you can admire impressive panoramas - they open from observation towers. And those who are thirsty will be refreshed by the clear water of Pinykla's mythological spring. According to reports, it cures sore eyes, and after washing the face with it, the beauty of youth returns. Therefore, it is probably not for nothing that we say that the visitors of the Neries Regional Park are very beautiful people. You will find more interesting sights on the route. You will have to walk several hundred meters from the track to reach some of them. And if you want to rest, stop at one of the 6 constantly maintained rest areas or at the spacious Bražuolė campsite.

  • 10 or 25 km. circular tourist route of the left bank of the Neris
  • February 25 9:00 a.m.
  • Start Bražuolė Campsite, Elektrėnai sav.
  • Registration is required bit.ly/ZiemosZygis2023

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