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Fragments of the homestead of the former manor of Ausieniškės


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Ausieniškės manor was located near Vievis, in Ausieniškės village (now Vievis eldership) and stood on the shore of Lake Aliosa. Mentioned already in the 17th-18th centuries. Vincentas Matusevičius, the owner of this manor, who led a large group of rebels in 1831, can be found in historical sources. In the fall of that year, a rebel battle took place here with the tsar’s army. The small crew of the tsar's army surrendered, but burned the dwelling house and buildings after the battle. Encouraged by victories, the rebels fought near Ausieniškės, Kėdainiai and Baisiogala. 1831 April 20 a rebel battle with the tsar's army took place at the Ausieniškės manor, which the rebels lost. The wooden buildings of the manor and the village burned down, but the manor survived.

After losing, they had to flee abroad. Vincentas Matusevičius also emigrated. In Dresden, he met Adam Mickiewicz and told him about the fighting near his native Ausieniškės. Impressed by this, the poet wrote the poem "Naktigultas", in which he depicts the rebels' night at the Trakai lakes.

The land of the manor was confiscated.

  • In 1863, a battle took place between the tsarist army and the rebels in the territory of the manor.
  • 1923 the manor had 23 inhabitants. It owned part of the surrounding forests, which in 1940. were nationalized.
  • 1935 the manor belonged to Boleslov Karčiauskas, later to Felicija Stašienė.

Now the manor is overgrown with old trees, a pond has survived, and a farm building is next to it. A little further away - a well-preserved gentleman's house. In its central part - a two-storey portico. The house is surrounded by a park.