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Educational program for students "Secrets of the Old Village"

Entertainment - educational program for students with a buckwheat cake baking program

Time is running out, people are leaving ... There are things left. Dule to drop and forget ...

We live in an age when the home is full of electrical appliances, without which it is difficult for young people to imagine today's life. And how many household appliances our ancestors used to live - how many young people do not know and do not even think about it. There are no more craftsmen who have made such household items, but some people have kept the secrets of old times.

"Akmendvaris" is not only a modern recreation and entertainment complex, but also a preserved creation of nature and history. Here you will see details of the past of the Lithuanian homestead of the 19th-19th centuries. We will also tell you about the birds kept in Akmendvaris - ornamental chickens, roosters, pentards, geese and royal white peacocks.

We will also introduce you to the secrets of beekeeping and teach you to bake your own hand-made rural buckwheat cake. Surprises are waiting for you!

At the end of the education, you will taste buckwheat cake with aromatic herbal tea. After that - free time for outdoor games, basketball, football fields, boating, pedal boating (adult supervision required). If desired, we will build a scrap.

The aim of the educational program is to stimulate students' interest in the history of the country, to acquaint them with the ethnocultural heritage in an attractive form, to develop activity, creativity, to reveal the connections between the past and the modern world.

  • Please reserve the date and time of the educational program by e-mail or phone
  • Duration: up to 3 hours. (classes take place outdoors and indoors).
  • Price: 7 eur per guest (for at least 15 guests).
  • For persons accompanying a group of students - free of charge.