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Verkšionys "Cursed Wedding" stones


on the right bank of the Neris, a group of stones protruding from the water is called by Verkšionys WEDDING WEDDING. 5 stones are most commonly seen. These are fine-grained or medium-sized brown granite stones. There are more stones here.

It is said that a girl lived on one side of the Neris and was loved by a groom living on the other bank. They decided to get married. But the mother of the young man did not like the future son-in-law, and she cursed the young man by saying, "That you may turn to stone." As the wedding regiment sailed across the river in boats, all the people turned to stone.

There are legends in the area that centuries after the end of the world, stoned people will revive. Years go by, and the souls of the cursed people can neither return to earth nor go on eternal rest beyond. This account of the state of ghosts in the water between the living and dead worlds is associated with ancient burial customs.


Neris Regional Park