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Stone TILVIKAS (Rooster)


This large, beautifully shaped stone stands in the vicinity of Karmazinai, closer to the left bank of the Neris. It is also mentioned in 1875. K. Tiškevičius, who traveled on the river, in the book “The Neris and Its Shores”.
While sailing on the rivers of Nerimi or walking along its shores, you can often see birds squatting, lurking or resting: gray herons, woodpeckers, various species of ducks, and sometimes terns. Maybe this stone got such a name for this reason?
It should be noted that there are several boulders called Gaidiai in different parts of the Neris. These are usually stones in the riverbed near settlements or homesteads. Irregular pyramid-shaped stone tops protruded from the water. It gives the impression that these are a kind of river water level gauges. When the river sinks, they are always the first to emerge from the water, as if the first roosters were healing in the morning.