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St. Chapel pillar of John Nepomuk


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Daugirdiškės chapel pillar is a small architectural building with a cross and a sculpture.

This great 19th-20th century chapel with a cross and a sculpture by the locals called St. Jonas Nepomukas Chapel, stands on the eastern shore of Lake Monio, at the bend of the road, in a higher place. Built on a low plinth. Square plan, two steps of equal height. Bricked from red bricks, tied with lime mortar, plastered, painted white. In the middle of each side of the first stage is a somewhat concave rectangular plane of large rubble of dark stones. The second stage is divided on all sides by high rectangular niches with sloping upper corners, with an opening under a semicircular arch surrounded by a profiled rim and decorated with a key.

The gaps are surrounded by profiled classicist cornices (the cornice of the first stage has a complex profile), covered with tin. The roof is bell-shaped (according to Baroque traditions), covered with tin. Above it is a decorative metal cross. It is in branched branches, with crosses; the ends of the branches and crosses in the form of tulips. The centers of the crosses and intersections are covered by discs. The inter-branch rays are similar to the bells of cereals. The long stem is decorated on both sides with a dynamic spiral ornament.

In the second stage of the chapel pillar is St. Sculpture by John Nepomuk (oak; height about 150 cm) facing northeast. It’s a semi-professional job; proportional to the chapel pillar, its pronounced accent. The saint is depicted on a low, half-ball-shaped pedestal, wearing a priest's robe, holding a palm branch and the "Crucified". The sculpture is graceful, with a sleek silhouette, a static face with stiff features. The forms are simplified, the clothes are detailed, decorative, mostly folded vertically.

An entry has been found in church books, according to which it can be concluded that in the 19th century. In the middle of the village there was already a chapel with St. In the sculpture of John Nepomuk. The chapel pillar was built in 1830–1840. and is dedicated to St. Jonas Nepomukas - the savior of the drowning.

There are several legends about who this chapel pillar is for. Local legend has it that it was built by a gentleman for his carriage, which sank in the lake, saving the gentleman’s life when the horses were scared and ran into the lake with a carriage. However, the chapel pillar is probably dedicated to Henrik Römer (1803–1828), the eldest son of Mykolas Juozapas Römer and Rachel de Raes, who sank in Daugirdiškės Lake in 1828. July 4

It is also said that the chapel pillar was built in 1830-40. in memory of the manor administrator who sank in the lake at the expense of landowner Römer.

The second stage wooden st. The sculpture of John Nepomuk was made in the 19th century. at the end.

The chapel pillar was restored in 1899. 1971 the foundations were strengthened, the spilled bricks were restored, the cornice was plastered and painted, and the roof was covered with tin. The very dilapidated sculpture was handed over and is now kept in the Trakai History Museum. 1982 the chapel pillar was repaired again. A copy was erected on the site of the former sculpture. It was established in 1981. carved by restorer Juozas Kalinauskas.

Source: Elektrenai mun. public Library

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