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Puūkštai burial ground


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This small (about 30 burial mounds) burial ground was found in 2003. It is located on the left bank of the Neris, in front of the Karmazinai Valley on the right bank.

One damaged burial line of the forest quarter line in 2004. studied by archaeologists. His burials date back to the 6th century. There are 3 cremation graves in the burial ground - two men and a woman. Spears, knives, fighting axes, belt buckles, buckles and small fragments of burnt brass jewelry were found in men 's graves. The mound of the burial mound was surrounded by a crown of stones, as if to separate the dead from the world of the living. The remains of the three dead buried here were burned in the funeral campfire, then the ashes with the remaining unburned bones and burials were brought to the burial ground and buried.