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Paneriškės visionary


Paneriškės sight is one of the most special places in the Neris Regional Park. Although there is no shortage of high cliffs in the park, which offer beautiful views, the Paneriškės landscape is exceptional. First of all, the view of the Neris Valley from here can compete not only with the most beautiful panoramas of the park, but also with Lithuania. The forests of the regional park, the wide bend of the Neris River, several islands in the riverbed, and the Paneriškės solstice perched through the trees can be seen. All of this can be viewed as if from a bird’s eye view. Neris, flowing through Paneriškės, seems to bounce against the wall (the height of the cliff here is even over 50 meters!) And is forced to turn its furrow.

On the other hand, this area is also unique in that it is also rich in rare plants listed in the Lithuanian Red Data Book. Mountain arnica, dark-leaved ragweed, sand fescue, etc. grow here. And another important feature: this sight is not easy to find… It is hidden in the woods, the road leading to it is sometimes difficult to pass. The Paneriškės vision seems to hide its treasures from people and invites only those who are extremely curious and sensitive to fragile nature. But we are sure: you will not regret visiting Paneriškės vision.

More information: neriesparkas.lt