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The length of the lagoon is 11 km and its width is 3 km. The deepest spot of the lagoon reaches as far down as 31 m. This is the favorite resting spot of Elektrėnai residents. In the summer, the locals and the guests of the city enjoy sailing on boats, riding jet skis and engaging in other water sports. In 1976, Elektrėnai Ice Palace, the first artificial ice rink in Lithuania, was built. Many locals come to the ice rink to enjoy winter sports and ice hockey players train here for competitions. The Ice Palace holds international ice hockey competitions, dance sport competitions and city festivals. Such famous ice hockey players as Dainius Zubrus and Darius Kasparaitis started their professional career here at this ice rink. Elektrėnai Ice Palace underwent renovations in 2012. 

The first ice arena was built in 1976. In the same year, the most famous ice hockey club "Energija" in Lithuania was founded. Many famous athletes started their ice hockey career here. in 2008 The project "Development of the Ice Palace in Elektrėnai" is included in the list of planned tourism objects of the State, the Elektrėnai ice arena is declared an object of national importance. Since 2014, the ice hockey museum has been operating, where the history of the construction of the Ice Arena and many trophies of the Elektrėnai teams are exhibited.

From. author E. Raulinaitis, G. Lisauskas