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The Rabbi Cognitive Trail is a “wild” hiking trail that takes you from the ethnographic street village of Grabijolai to the thickest oak tree in the entire Neris Regional Park - the old man Alkku Oak. Along the way you will pass the Sweet Stream wrapped in funny stories and the mystical Rock (Alkų kalvas), the foundations of the former Zapalina manor house on the high slope of the river, the recently discovered Paalkiai mound, will approach the Neris with mythological stones. Traveling along this trail, you will get to know the interesting surroundings of Grabijolai village. They are full not only of beautiful, "wild" landscapes, but also of objects once created by human hands, now captivated by nature.

The entire 4 km long trail is marked with directional arrows, but you will not find wooden steps, gravel tracks and other "amenities". That is why we call it the "extreme, wild trail". The wise path will run through meadows, field edges and former country roads, steep slopes and deep horns. Therefore, in this educational trail it is necessary to wear comfortable, moisture-proof footwear with a non-slip sole, and to set out for an easy, "wild" walk. The trail will take you to the Alder Oak and turn back, so you will return to almost the same path you came to.

This cognitive hiking trail passes through private plots of land, so with respect to their owners and nature, please do not create a fire along the way, and take all the rubbish with you.

The surroundings of Grabija hide many secrets - we wish you an interesting and meaningful walk in discovering them!