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Grabijolai village


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Grabijolai is a street-built village of 25 homesteads located on the left bank of the Neris River, with a number of old wooden architecture and interesting decorations. Entering the village, on the right you can see a pine-covered sand hill. In this place there are former Grabijol burial mounds, which in 1857. excavated by K.Tiškevičius. The burial ground was to be located in a rural location as well. in the courtyard of one homestead, the graves of the cremation grave were excavated, comparing the land. Find two late iron a. beds with ornamented nipples dating from the ninth century. - XI a. beginning and are brought in, brought from the Scandinavian lands. Soldiers armed with such weapons were professionals or individuals of higher social rank in the Baltic community.
In the hills near the village, one of the mountains is called Cypelius. It is said to have a sunken church in it. Probably there is a former fountain (a mountain from which the surroundings were observed and enemies were reported). People say that 5 churches have been seen from this hill in the past: Kernavė, Kazokiškis, Vievis, Dūkštai, Sudervė. The mountain is currently overgrown with trees and shrubs.
The village street ends at the river Neris. On the other side of the river you can see the lonely homestead Grabijolai on the right bank of the Neris. The Grabijol manor once stood there.

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