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After visiting the GPMC you can see:

  • Mechanized kernel storage. A 1148 well core (over 140 km) is stored in Vievis. The core is a cylindrical rock column obtained by column drilling. It is the geological yearbook of the place and the main source of information about the depths of the earth.
  • Exposition of boulder smoothies. This exposition acquaints visitors with the minerals that make up boulders and the conditions of their formation in the Earth's crust. It is complemented by an exposure to boulders outdoors.
  • Outdoor boulder exposure. In the area of 4.20 ha, more than 550 boulders with a volume of 5–6 m³, brought from various parts of Lithuania, are arranged in groups. The stones are grouped into 35 groups and arranged according to their chemical composition and petrographic classification. The park was created according to the project of Kaunas Botanical Garden landscape architect Genė Prakapaitė. It has two water bodies, rich in Lithuanian trees and shrubs.
  • Juozas Dalinkevičius (1893–1980) memorial exposition. The exposition includes a fosterer, academician, prof. dr. J. Dalinkevičius' personal belongings, photographs, geological sections, maps, collected examples of Lithuanian rocks, a particularly interesting collection of belemnites and ammonites from the Cretaceous and Jurassic periods.
  • Exposition of Lithuanian minerals. This exposition shows the most important treasures of Lithuania's depths, visitors can get acquainted with the current processes taking place in the upper layers of the earth's surface.
  • Alfonsas Žukelis in the paleontological exposition. A set of 195 fossils is presented here in stratigraphic order. These are the findings of all geological systems from various parts of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan. The exposition reflects the evolution of life on Earth from the Paleozoic to the Cenozoic.
  • Juozas Lisauskas' collection of rare minerals, which introduces unique minerals.
  • Protected personal archives accumulated by geologists.


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