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Balandiškės mound


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The mound is located on the northern shore of Lake Juodis. It is one of the earliest mounds in Elektrėnai municipality and is called Balandiškės mound or Castle Hill. The mound site is circular, 8 m in diameter, surrounded on all sides by a ramp 0.5–1 m high and 4–9 m wide. The height of the slopes is 4–16 m. The embankment was excavated during plowing, a pit was dug in the site. The mound is overgrown with pines and bushes. To the east of the mound is a settlement at the foot of 0.2 ha, where streaked pottery, an iron pent narrow-gauge ax, and a stone ax with a hole for a stalk were found. The mound dates back to the 1st thousand. pr. Kr. in the second half - I thous. The mound dates back to the 1st thousand. pr. Kr. second half - I thous. 1992 the mound was included in the register of cultural values, 1997. declared a monument.

1971 the mound was explored by the Institute of History. Stone paving was found here, as well as scraped remnants of molded pottery. To the east of the mound, the remains of an ancient settlement have been found. Universal archaeological finds have been discovered in the cultural layer, e.g. iron ax ax, stone ax with hole for handle.

Source: Elektrėnai Municipality Public Library