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Ausiutiškės sight (Observation deck)


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The valleys of the Neris along the route are truly spectacular and enchanting with their unique play of relief and color all year round. The panorama of the Neris Valley opens up to Ausiutiškės. From the observation tower you can see the beginning of the Devil's Loop thrown by the Neris - the largest in the length of the river 510 km - you can look around the pine forests.
Before turning northeast near Ausiutiškės, the Neris still winds a small south-convex arc. It is a place where the riverbed clearly changes direction, "surrendering" to the influence of the deep tectonic zone in the south-west-northeast direction. Here the Neris has already penetrated for 35-40 m and destroys the moraine of the penultimate glacier named after Medininkai, which blocks the river to the east, therefore Neris turns sharply north and already after the Ausiutiškės cliff completes the right turn of Ausiutiškės and flows almost 4 km to the northeast.