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Three Thieves and a Lion | Animated film


The most popular children's story of all time - The Three Thieves and the Lion

From March 3, in cinemas - a fun animation for the whole family - "Three Thieves and a Lion". Back in 1955, the story created by the writer Thorbjorn Egner is so popular in Norway that even today the book is considered the most famous work of children's literature of all time.

This has never happened before! The realest THIEVES have come to the small and cozy town of Cardamom! Mysteriously, the tastiest sausages, hams, steaks and even all kinds of cakes began to disappear from small food shops. No one even suspects that this is the work of three town bad guys - Kaspar, Jasper and Jonathan. Stealing food is a small thing! Now the trio's plans include another plan X - to masterfully "whistle" the talking camel out of the town's celebration, and then even the town's only tram or something!