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Vacation with your significant other in Palanga. Almost everyone is familiar with the situation. In the Actors' Theater comedy HOLIDAY WITH WIFE, sympathetic music producer Tomas (actor Julius Žalakevičius) comes to Palanga with his beloved Egle (actor Gabriele Malinauskaitė). He lives in a luxurious apartment and plans a romantic evening in the evening, during which he will propose to his chosen one. Unfortunately, the plan fails. Another couple, Irena (actor Vitalija Mockevičiūtė) and Alfonsas (actor Andrius Bialobžeskis), move into the same apartment to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary. Why was the order duplicated? Will Tom and Egle manage to have a romantic evening when strangers from the province are staying in the same apartment? Will Irena and Alfonso's twenty-year experience in marriage be a good example for Egle and Tom? Or will it just dissuade them from taking the fatal step? And it will turn out that someone is hiding a big secret and that secret will put the courtship on the edge of the abyss. The comedy VACATION WITH WIFE is full of unexpected situations, misunderstandings, and even considerable detective intrigue. But like all good stories, there is a good ending. And whether it is good for everyone or only for some, you will see when you come and see everything with your own eyes!

  • A comedy for those who miss the holidays
  • Director - Ričardas Vitkaitis
  • Set designer and costume designer – Eglė Krasnovė
  • Cast: Vitalija Mockevičiūtė / Neringa Varnelytė, Gabrielė Malinauskaitė, Andrius Bialobžeskis, Julius Žalakevičius.
  • Duration - 1 hour. 30 minutes