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Patsy from Argo | Animated film


It turns out that Ancient Greece is not only famous for the exploits of Jason and the Argonauts. City residents who have incurred the wrath of the gods of Olympus will receive unexpected rescuers - the brave mouse Patsy, the cat Sam and a group of their friends. In ancient times, when legends were created, Greece was famous for strange creatures and various miracles. The adventures of Petsi's team will certainly not be boring - there will be no shortage of dangers and new friends. The new legend about the little heroes will be shown in Lithuanian cinemas from April 28.

  • Lithuanian-dubbed animated adventure film for the whole family
  • Director: David Alaux (Jungle Squad)
  • Screenplay: David Alaux, Eric Tosti, Jean-Francois Tosti
  • Voiced in Lithuanian:
  • Dubbing director: Linas Kalėda, UAB "Aktida"
  • Country: France
  • Duration: 95 min
  • Age check: V
  • Premiere in Lithuania: 2023.04.28
  • The ticket price is €5