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Musical comedy "The Wits"


For your attention, the interactive musical comedy "Different Theater" based on the songs of the legendary group "Boney M"!
In the center of the action is the inevitable drama of theatrical fate: intrigue, jealousy, secret love and unexpected tricks of fate. The characters of the play dreamed of creating the coolest musical and presenting it to large audiences, but one of the main actors gets into a car accident on the very eve of the play. Everything hangs in the balance... The characters suddenly become hostages of this situation, trying to escape the fate of the entire theater team. How will the troupe survive this blow of fate? Can love save the fate of the theater or can it save life? Will legendary music overcome disagreements, lies and bring pure feelings to the light of day? Come and see for yourself: do miracles happen only in fairy tales?

  • Author and director of the play: Ramūnas Cicėnas.
  • Costume designer: Kamilė Bukauskaitė.
  • Acting, dancing, singing: Rimantė Valiukaitė, Toma Vaškevičiūtė/Oneida Kunsunga, Gabija Urniežiūtė, Ainis Storpirštis.
  • Performance duration: 1:40 hours