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Mariupol 2 | Movie


You know what was absolutely incredible about Mariupol? No one was afraid of death, even though they thought they were. Death
was already here and everyone wanted to die meaningfully. People helped each other even at the risk of their lives.
They smoked outside and chatted even as the bombs fell. Money no longer existed because life became too short to think about it. Everyone was content with what they had, becoming a better version of themselves; there was no past, no future, condemnation, ambiguity! It was heaven in hell.
Touching fragile butterfly wings. The scent of death's true value. That was life there.
"This film wouldn't exist if it weren't for Manto's love for the people and residents of Mariupol, if it weren't for the power of faith in cinema,
if Hana hadn't smuggled the material out and if Russia hadn't gone to war in Ukraine. This movie is
about life. It is also a memorial to Mantas Kvedarović, who was killed during its creation, and to everyone in the war
to the dead people." (Dovilė Grigaliūnaitė)

  • Genre: Drama
  • Created by: Lithuania, France, Germany
  • Duration: 1h 52 min
  • Census: N-13. 7-12 years old children must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Director(s): Mantas Kvedaravičius, co-director - Hanna Bilobrova
  • Language: Russian
  • Subtitles: Lithuanian, English
  • Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQIqGFPwda0