Elektrėnai Tourism Information Center

Mardi Gras in Elektrėnai!

Traditional events

We invite all residents of Elektrėnai and guests of the city to join the colorful and fun Mardi Gras celebration in the heart of our city - in the square of the Elektrėnai Culture Center.

We will see a symbolic battle between winter and spring, in which Cannabis (the symbol of spring) will fight with Lašini (the symbol of winter), reflecting the traditional spirit of Mardi Gras fighting

We will burn Mora! This symbolic act signifies the end of winter and the banishment of evil, thus welcoming the brighter times of spring.

We will enjoy live folk music and dancing! The more we clap and dance, the sooner spring will come!

Prepare the masks. Our mission is to frighten Lašinini and expel the zhi