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Indres Aleksiejūnienė's ceramics exhibition - "Prayer to Nature"


Extraordinary ceramic exhibition in the foyer of the Culture Center - "Prayer to Nature"

Artist Indrė Aleksiejūnienė (Vilnius) shares her thoughts about her work: "I graduated from VDA ceramics master's studies. During my studies and after my studies, I devote all my free time to the search for new forms, colors and techniques of ceramics. I participate in exhibitions. I have organized 7 personal exhibitions, after participating in more than 20 joint exhibitions. I create my ceramics at home. This is my little oasis of artistic creation. I do the burnings in the village. I am mostly inspired by nature. The forest floor, the bottom of the lake, the meadows in the distance.
Šventorėlia were born inspired by nature. They depict nature as I see and feel it. The exhibition is dedicated to returning birds.”

You can visit the exhibition until February 29
The artist's facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/pildau