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Festival of choirs and ensembles "Melody of the Nations of the World"


The young city of Elektrėnai invites you to extend the summer and revive the memories of the visited countries at the choral music festival "World's Nations Melodys". On September 2, 2023, choirs from various corners of Lithuania will perform the most beautiful songs of the nations of the world in various languages on the cozy stage of the Elektrėnai "Children's World" amphitheater on the shore of the lagoon. Elektrėnai women's choir ensemble "Eldija", winner of international and republican competitions, will celebrate its 5th birthday together with its friends, so it will prepare an exclusive program for the listeners. Can't wait to find out if there will be a birthday party? Of course it will. Only on the day of the festival you will have a great opportunity to taste the dishes of various countries and learn one new recipe. African drums and the rustle of Lithuanian pines are a perfect combination that will help you feel the pulse of the 21st century and the unique charm of choral music, which is included in the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage.

The festival is partially financed by: Elektrėnai Municipality
Partner: Elektrėnai Cultural Center

Sponsors: "Vioveta", "Halkio
sushi", "PrabangiDz", "Smaližius", "Danguolės gulės", "Elija", "Arzida" and "Advertising laboratory".

Information sponsors: "Savaitė", "Elektrėnai kronika", "Elektrėnai žinios".