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From April 21, in the adventure movie for the whole family "Erik the Stoneheart" - together with the mysterious pirates, we will embark on a journey of courage, incredible fantasy and miracles through the deepest seas of the world. Eleven-year-old Erik is convinced that his heart is like stone. Therefore, he does not worry at all that he has no friends, and his parents are constantly busy with their own affairs. Everything turns upside down when Erik meets the prostitute Maria. She lives in a huge medieval castle, where ghosts fly, pictures talk and... most of all she doesn't like Eric! Because he too moved to live in this castle, and the worst of all is that Eric's parents, who inherited the castle from Aunt Brunhilda, planned to evict the old residents. Maria has a secret plan - to find and save her mother, who was kidnapped by pirates off the coast of Africa, and to hunt down Eric's family. Stone-hearted Eric doesn't want to live in a castle at all! An ideal plan is born in the heads of children - to go to sea, find their mother, and then happily part and go their separate ways. Two daredevils, they could not even imagine what huge challenges and adventures await them when they set sail on the open sea! The waves of the sea and the mists of the sky have led them to the underworld, the world between the living and the dead, where the giant ghost ship Ouroboros sails, full of the strangest things, guarding incredible secrets, the most treacherous pirates, and the heart of the ship's captain is as cold and black as the depths of the ocean. Maria knows that it was this ship that kidnapped her mother... Will the brave travelers manage to escape from the clutches of the pirates and achieve their most important goal - to find Maria's missing mother? Or maybe Erik's heart is not made of stone at all? Maybe she is able to feel and understand that you don't need to look far for real friends, because they are usually nearby.

  • FILM PREMIERE: 21.04.2023
  • DIRECTOR: Ilmar Raag
  • DURATION: 106 min.
  • GENRE: Adventure
  • COUNTRY: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Finland, Ukraine
  • Ticket price: €5