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Clowns in space. Interactive educational show

For children

The world's funniest clowns return to children!

A fantastic show about how to hitchhike your way through the galaxy awaits you. Here, all the children will not just be spectators - they will be passengers of the spaceship U-TA-TA! And some will even be lucky enough to become a UFO driver! After all, you can even travel among the stars with a vacuum cleaner!

So - what is U-TA-TA and where to find it? What will happen to clowns on other planets? Will aliens come to us? How to behave ecologically in space and at home? We will learn many useful things in the form of laughter, participate in interactive games, watch enchanting video projections, learn to love our planet and visit seven more. And where else is the flight in a hot air balloon, time travel, many funny situations and laughter. Because with your help, six distracted clowns can do anything!

If you bring painted clowns in space to the event, you will receive gifts even before the show program begins. And after the event, we will invite all children to take a photo with these cute people for free.

Children up to 3 years of age with their parents are admitted for free (without taking up an additional seat).

Information tel. 8 687 50555