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Elektrėnai city

Elektrėnai is one of the youngest cities of Lithuania, located halfway between Vilnius and Kaunas. When Elektrėnai Municipality was established in 2000, Elektrėnai City, encompassing a territory of 2,365 ha, became its center.

Elektrėnai is situated near a lagoon of the same name. When the Strėva was dammed, the water level in the river started rising on September 12, 1961. Lakes Anykšta, Jagudis and Puikinas formed one large lagoon called Elektrėnai Lagoon. The latter flooded the Villages of Kakliniškės, Perkūnakiemis, Šarkinė, Anykšta, Raistinė, Lekavičiai, Mažiklė, Petravičiai, Alinka and Runga. The lagoon is known to have dozens of islands and gulfs.

The length of the lagoon is 11 km and its width is 3 km. The deepest spot of the lagoon reaches as far down as 31 m. This is the favorite resting spot of Elektrėnai residents. In the summer, the locals and the guests of the city enjoy sailing on boats, riding jet skis and engaging in other water sports. In 1976, Elektrėnai Ice Palace, the first artificial ice rink in Lithuania, was built. Many locals come to the ice rink to enjoy winter sports and ice hockey players train here for competitions. The Ice Palace holds international ice hockey competitions, dance sport competitions and city festivals. Such famous ice hockey players as Dainius Zubrus and Darius Kasparaitis started their professional career here at this ice rink. Elektrėnai Ice Palace underwent renovations in 2012.

Elektrėnai Church of Virgin Mary the Queen of Martyrs was constructed in 1996. The façade of the church is known for its portal of original architectural solutions as it boasts a high arch and six double crosses. This composition is a symbol of the seventh centenary of the Christianization of Lithuania. The interior apse is decorated with the sculpture of the Resurrected Christ made by S. Kuzma. The church holds repentance nights and religious music concerts.

The locals can visit the gyms, pool and cultural center. The main square of the city and its side streets have been renovated, the pedestrian and biking trails have been reconstructed. Elektrėnai Lagoon has a floating wharf with good lighting. The surroundings of the lagoon are in good order and multifunctional active leisure and children’s playgrounds have been established.

Photo author Gabrielius Lisauskas, Titas Pacauskas, Jūratė Levickienė, Liudmila Felčinskaja, Nikolajus Nikiforovas


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