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Homestead "Fish"

Tea drinking ceremony
The tea ceremony is an ideal choice for those who like unconventional leisure time. It is a special means of communication. It helps to get to know a person, to understand him better, heals from haste. And most importantly, tea, its ritual soothes the mind. A tea ceremony can be given to a co-worker, a friend, a dear guest, your family or a long remembering of a bachelorette party, birthday, important celebration.

Mate drinking ceremony
Saw is commonly associated with South American pamp shepherds, but is popular throughout southern Latin America. Guarani and Quechua drank the infusion before Columbus. According to them, it is a gift from a benevolent god. In Brazil, Matthew is called Chimarrão or cimarron. The name "Mate" comes from the Quechua language "matí", which means a dish made from a pumpkin (Lagenaria vulgaris) that is traditionally used to drink infusion. A maté drink is a friendly process in which a maté jar and straw are passed on to a friend.