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Neris Trobelė near Grabijolai village

If you're dreaming of reading Jack London's stories as a child or traveling in the mountains, how fun it would be to live in nature without the comforts of civilization - this lodge is for you. Here you will find everything you need for survival - a warm place to stay (and therefore a stove and firewood), shelter from rain and snow, soft beds, some furniture and dishes. But only so much.

There is no electricity in the hut - lighting with a kerosene lamp, and you can warm up, cook and make tea by heating the oven. It is also possible to cook in the open-air fireplace. Upon arrival, you will find prepared firewood, which we ask you to use sparingly, without wasting resources.


30 sq. M. m. in the cottage you will find all the necessary utensils, table, benches, wardrobe and beds for two adults and a child. Blankets and pillows are provided, and bed linen (or sleeping bags) and towels will be provided. There are washbasins indoors and outdoors. Water for food needs to be brought from a common well in the village of Grabijolai, and rainwater can be used for washing in a tank outside. There is an outdoor bio toilet next to the cottage. Keeping them clean and tidy is the responsibility of all guests of the hut!

You need to take care of the food yourself. The nearest shop is 14 km away in Vievis. All remaining food must be taken with you so that it is not attracted to rodents when left in the hut. At the end of the visit, it is necessary to completely extinguish the stove and / or fire in the fireplace and tidy up the house. Garbage sorted and taken out, or disposed of in a container near the cemetery.

Pets are welcome in the hut.

The basic rule of using the hut is to leave everything as you found it (or more beautifully).

The price of using the Neris hut per day is 30 eur.

To use the Neris hut, you must arrange your stay by e-mail. e-mail [email protected], fill in the service agreement below, get acquainted with the privacy policy of the Neris hut and sign it. email [email protected]