Elektrėnai Tourism Information Center

Contemporary music and art festival ARS NOVA'23

The contemporary music and art festival ARS NOVA'23 will open its doors on May 27-28 at the Elektrėnai Cultural Center and will become an open museum - you will be surprised by the works of artists, musical performances and performances. For 2 days, contemporary art will fill all possible and unexpected spaces of the cultural center - dressing rooms, corridors, rehearsal rooms of art groups, etc. The aim of the contemporary music and art festival ARS NOVA'22 is to reflect the contemporary music and art processes existing in Lithuania, to develop the viewer's understanding of contemporary art and cultural phenomena, to reveal their uniqueness and origins, connections with world art and cultural processes, educating the artistic perception of the residents of the city of Elektrėnai and the entire municipality. The participants of the ARS NOVA'22 festival are promoters of contemporary music and art, actively participating in various contemporary art festivals both in Lithuania and abroad.

The project is partially financed by the Lithuanian Council of Culture.

MORE INFORMATION can be found on the "Facebook" page of the Contemporary Music and Art Festival ARS NOVA