Elektrėnai Tourism Information Center

By boat around Elektrėnai lagoon, with a guide


Elektrėnai has many waters, rivers and streams, lakes, swamps - it is a watery land where boat excursions are organized. Uplands and ravines, watery valleys, abundant glacial lakes - a landscape inhabited and cultured by ancient Lithuanians. For centuries there were villages inhabited by rivers and lakes, the inhabitants of which, the old Lithuanian tribe, worked hard year after year to push the gorgeous densities of forests further and further away from them. In the highlands, the nobility built wooden castles, which were also common hiding places for the inhabitants. Much later, the next largest empire in Europe and the world, which conquered both Lithuania and many other countries, radically changed the face of this land. The cooling of the gigantic thermal power plant required an artificial lake, where we are now, so a suitable floodable river was found between Vilnius and Kaunas - Strėva - and the place - Perkūnkiemis village, the name of which clearly indicates that Lithuanians lived there before Christian times.

These are cognitive, historical and boat trips around the Elektrėnai Lagoon full of amazing images and emotions with a guide, Reid Jasiulionis, the host of Žinių radio.

For individual excursions for groups, please contact: +370 634 34425.